16-year-old boy was arrested for possessing class B drug with intent to supply in Llangefni

A TEENAGER has been released under investigation after being arrested for suspicion of ‘possession of a class B drug with intent to supply’ on Anglesey.

The sixteen-year-old boy was also arrested for a public order offence and resisting an officer in Llangefni.

In a separate incident during the same day, another sixteen-year-old was stopped and searched in Llangefni and found to be in possession of an illegal drug.

Area Support for Anglesey, Sgt Ian Roberts said “Stop and Search is a powerful tool to prevent and deter crime and where intelligence and information provides grounds to suspect, we can, will stop and search persons under the age of 18.

“In relation to drugs, our approach is to offer support / guidance to young people who disclose issues with drugs and we work closely with our partners at Teulu Môn as part of our early help hub to prevent that young person coming to harm.

“However the police or the wider community will not tolerate drug use, linked to anti-social behaviour and when support is clearly not being accepted. Ultimately, it is against the law to be in possesion/suppply certain drugs and the penalties for under 18’s are the same as adults”.

“We would strongly advise parents to have that honest discussion with their children if suspect their children are taking controlled substances.”

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey