Anglesey and Bangor communities invited to conference to build society harmony

PEOPLE in Bangor and Anglesey area are being invited to a conference to have “UK conversations” about how to transform society into a more “loving, harmonious” place.

The event at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, from April 15-17, is part of a worldwide wave of conferences.

All who have an interest in the wellbeing of society are welcome to attend and explore how every person can make a positive change.

The gathering will explore themes such as building vibrant communities and how obstacles to progress can be overcome.


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“With all the challenges humanity is facing right now, it is increasingly clear that progress towards a harmonious and prosperous society requires greater unity, understanding and collaboration between all of its people,” said Penny Kemp, an organiser of the Sophia Gardens conference.

“We hope participants will leave with a clear sense of what can be done in the months and years ahead to contribute to making a world we all would like to live in.”

The conference is an initiative of the international Bahá’í community, the members of which are committed to the principle of the oneness of humanity and the involvement of all people in helping to create prosperous communities.

Participants from all backgrounds, ages or beliefs are invited to attend, conscious of the challenges facing us all, including climate change, war, inequality and injustice.

The conference will include uplifting conversations, musical contributions, prayer and creative projects.

Special activities for children and young people will focus on the role they play in building a brighter future.

Each participant will be able to gain insights from experiences in Bahá’í community-building activities, social action projects, and efforts to contribute to society’s most pressing national conversations.

Emyr Ieuan Parry, from Llandegfan, Anglesey, added: “We are so excited to bring together our friends, families, colleagues, and neighbours to reflect on how principles like love, justice and harmony can be applied practically to better our communities.

“It’s so heart-warming to know so many people from all walks of life are contributing to this urgent conversation.”

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