Anglesey author explores the challenges of a world without faith in debut novel

AN AUTHOR from Anglesey is set to release his first novel, in which he explores what a world devoid of faith would look like.

RH Williams, editorial director at a pan-Asian medical communications agency, is to release “The Madness of the Faithful”, on July 28.

After an event that causes all of humanity to lose consciousness for but a moment, all faith is gone from the world – and those who before believed in God are left bereft.

The event’s cause is unknown, but some believe it’s the doing of a powerful external force, and are willing to commit acts of violence in its name against those who still bear symbols of religion.

Paul, a middle-aged widower and recovering alcoholic, leans heavily on his religious belief to deal with the grief after the loss of his wife.

But when he starts to see her again after the event, she takes him to a place of significance – a Welsh coastal village, where they spent a perfect day on their honeymoon decades earlier.

Becoming a part of the village community, Paul connects with others, and they help each other come to terms with this forever-changed world.


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With a PhD in molecular epidemiology, RH Williams’ day-to-day focus is on the development of scientific articles and medical education.

In his spare time, you’ll find him on Twitter or blogging about his journey from medical writer to author of fiction.

He is passionate about stories that focus on the human perspective of big questions.

He said: “I grew up in a religious household in rural Wales. My father and my grandfather were lay preachers; however, I knew from a young age that I was an atheist.

“I studied life sciences at university and have spent most of my adult life writing about science.

“That said, because of my upbringing I have a deep fascination about faith and religion and what it means to people (and what would happen it if were taken away).

“This how the idea for the story came about.”

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