Anglesey Bees later came to re-home the bees in a ‘more suitable’ environment

THERE was a real ‘buzz’ around Anglesey Sea Zoo last night as some ‘unexpected visitors’ arrived on site.

A swarm of thousands of honey bees had seen an apple tree, located at Brynsiencyn, as the perfect place to set up their hive.

However, they were later re-homed elsewhere, as a spokesperson for Anglesey Sea Zoo explained.

They said: “We had a few thousand unexpected visitors arrive here yesterday evening, a vagrant swarm of honey bees out looking for a new site to set up a hive.

“There are thousands of bees and a queen in this humming brown mass. Very unusual and absolutely incredible to see!

“Thanks to Dafydd at Anglesey Bees our swarm has now been rehomed in a much more suitable permanent residence and is on track to make lots of delicious Anglesey honey.”

North Wales Chronicle:

Dafydd Jones of Anglesey Bees (above) said: “I had an unexpected phone call yesterday, from Frankie at Anglesey Sea Zoo. A swarm of honey bees had settled on their apple tree.

“I’m glad to be able to report that I managed to remove them and give them a new home in a hive in the apiary of Anglesey Bees in Llanddaniel and hope that they will take part in beginner’s beekeeping courses here in the future.”

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey