Anglesey brothers accused of damaging a police drone thought to have been flying near their home

Two brothers appeared in court accused of damaging a police drone which it’s believed had been flying near their homes.

Rhisiard Hughes, aged 41, of Bryn y Gwynt, Caergeiliog, and William Hughes, aged 43, of Bryn Gors, at the same village, were granted unconditional bail by magistrates at Caernarfon after prosecution and defence lawyers sought an adjournment until next month.

No pleas were entered. Full details of the prosecution and defence cases weren’t outlined.

The allegation listed against them was that on April 25 they caused £935 damage to a North Wales police drone.

Defence solicitor Gareth Parry said there was a “significant background” to the case. He wanted time to write to the prosecution asking them to look again at the proceedings.

Prosecutor Richard Simm said: “There’s a considerable amount of information Mr Parry has given me regarding matters outside my knowledge but would be within the knowledge of persons within the police.”

There was no guarantee about what may happen to the case.

The magistrates granted an adjournment for the defence inquiries to be made.

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey