Anglesey man who slashed his partner with a key is jailed

A man accused of threatening to shoot his terrified partner and, on another occasion, slashing her throat with a key was branded a “danger to women,” by a judge.

Judge Nicola Saffman jailed Darren Jones, aged 33, a roofer, of Preswylfa, Llanfairynghornwy, Anglesey, for 23 weeks.

She told him: “It’s extremely lucky that more serious injuries were avoided. You are clearly a danger to women you are in a relationship with. I have sentenced you to the maximum sentence I am able to do so.”

But his record included a “very sinister” previous attack on a girlfriend and the Caernarfon crown court judge had “grave” concerns for his future partners. While Jones had been in prison, he hadn’t been able to drink.

A restraining order will last indefinitely.

Jones admitted two common assaults and criminal damage.

Prosecutor Ryan Rothwell said, in June, Jones had demanded Melanie Foulkes tend to his injured mother and she did so. But later he had hit Miss Foulkes repeatedly and stabbed her mobile phone SIM card with a Stanley knife.

Mr Rothwell said Jones also warned the victim he would shoot her and she assumed that would be with a nail-gun. The terrified partner, who had a cut scalp, phoned police and the defendant was arrested.

But in October they had stayed at the Grand Hotel at Llandudno. Mr Rothwell said Jones had grabbed the victim’s throat and face and slashed her with the key. Miss Foulkes thought she was going to die, counsel added.

Defence barrister Simon Rogers said the “risk factor” for Jones appeared to be alcohol. He had a good work record and had shown he could remain out of trouble.

The sentence was likely to lead to his immediate release, the lawyer added.

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey