Anglesey men lose almost five stone in seven-week transformation

THE leaders of the FFIT Cymru health series have achieved stunning results as they successfully lost more than 10 stone in weight and transformed their health in seven weeks.

Anglesey men Twm Jones, 59, and Gafyn Owen, 48, lost just shy of five stone between them as they made significant progress in their fitness, nutrition and overall health, including completing the FFIT Cymru Parkrun 5km challenge at Penrhyn Castle, Bangor.

The leaders were guided by the series’ three experts, trainee dietitian and former Great British Bake Off star, Beca Lyne-Pirkis, fitness instructor Rae Carpenter and psychologist Dr Ioan Rees.

Dr Ioan said: “They did brilliantly. It’s a different mental challenge for everyone – there are ups and there are downs, both of which are equally important on the journey.

“I think we’ve seen progress in all five and what they’ve done is discover their own ability to improve.”


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Twm is a grandfather to three granddaughters and is a former player for Bethesda Rugby Club.

After his FFIT Cymru experience, he enjoys getting up early to go running and cycling and has lost the most weight of any leader, two stone and 11 lbs, in the three weeks, and also managing to completing 652,008 steps in that period.

Twm said: “Hopefully it has changed me in every way. Visually, there is a difference in how I look but I feel it has changed me internally too.

“I’ve learned to be a lot more disciplined with what I eat and especially with training.

“I never thought I could run one 5k let alone more than a dozen over the last three weeks, which in itself, is a big highlight for me. ”

Working as a chef in a busy pub, Gafyn used to regularly eat fast food takeaways after his long shifts.

But now, he has completely changed his mindset and left behind his old bad habits.

Gafyn lost a stone and 13 pounds in the seven-week period, which equates to more than 12 kilograms.

He added: “I’ve stopped smoking and eating fast food, so I’ve saved myself nearly £1,500 just in that time.

“I’ve bought a bike with that and I’m still about £600 better off in my pocket.

“I feel a lot better now and my mind is in the right place.”

FFIT Cymru will be back at the end of the year to see how Twm, Gafyn, and the other three leaders have continued their transformation in the next six months.

You can watch the entire series on demand on S4C Clic or BBC iPlayer.

For more details on the food and fitness plans, visit, or follow @ffitcymru on social media.

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