Anglesey MP wears stab vest after murder of Sir David Amess

AN MP HAS revealed she wears a stab vest for security when meeting constituents and informs police when she holds a surgery. 

The brave admission comes from Virginia Crosbie, Conservative MP for Anglesey / Ynys Mon. Ms Crosbie has worn a stab vest since the murder of her colleague Sir David Amess.

Ms Crosbie told the North Wales Chronicle: “I want to be a good, visible, and approachable MP who lives and works in the community I represent. However, as we have seen with the murders of Jo Cox and Sir David Amess, doing this is not without risk. This is why I have bought a stab vest, have security with me when I hold surgeries and I inform the police of the location.

“I wish I didn’t have to take these precautions but I decided this was the best way to continue to do the job I love and be a good MP. People know I live on the island and that’s important. At the weekend, I was in Asda and Aldi and then at my local pub the Vic in Holyhead listening to the brilliant Magee Brothers.

“The fact is the overwhelming majority of people across Anglesey are friendly, polite and wish me well, even if they do not agree with me politically. They know I work hard and appreciate I have a job to do and they accept and protect democracy by doing so.

“Sadly, it is the tiny majority we need to be wary of,” Ms Crosbie added. 

“In the tragic cases of Jo and Sir David, it was just one person each time that caused so much heartache.

“I took the decision that I will not be cowed by that tiny majority. Those who threaten me are reported to my brilliant local police who are quick to act and reassure myself and my staff.

“And that must be the case for all MPs. Otherwise, we give in to the hate and those who want to harm us and democracy. That is unacceptable. I won’t give them the satisfaction.”

Hywel Willams, Plaid Cymru MP for Arfon, said he too has taken measures to “avoid potential physical dangers.”

He said: “Security improvements and advice provided by North Wales Police and the House of Commons at my offices and other sites I use are at a reassuring and appropriate level.

“Personally, I take care to assess and avoid potential physical dangers, as do my staff.

“I have not been threatened online though female colleagues very clearly receive many more and more serious threats than male MPs.

“Abuse online continues, both direct abuse and persistent and vexatious e-mails.”


North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey