Anglesey: Plans for Welsh chapel conversion to holiday lets sparks anger

ANGLESEY villagers have aired their feelings over plans to convert a former Welsh chapel into self-contained holiday accommodation on a gate.

They have raised parking and traffic concerns in a protest beside the vacant Jerusalem Baptist Chapel in Llangoed.

It comes as full planning application to change the use of the no longer used 19th century ‘Capel Jerusalem’ was received by Anglesey County Council on July 30.

Manchester company Baby Bird Development Ltd, run by Loretta Hodari and Anthony Hodari, wants to convert the building into four, two-bedroom holiday units, with alterations and extensions.

Work includes roof modifications to create storage space, roof lights being added, first floor gable extension and balcony.


Drawings by JPH Architects were submitted for the applicant listed as Lorretta  Hodari.

She claims the project will “encourage more visitors to the village” and will “increase tourism” in Llangoed, as well as Beaumaris and Anglesey.


Protest over plans for Llangoed chapel aired on gate

Protest over plans for Llangoed chapel aired on gate


The applicant also states vehicle parking is “not relevant” to the development, which is opposite a Morrisons Daily,

However, residents have staged a visual protest next to the chapel, over potential traffic and parking issues.

The signs urges residents to object to the plans before the closing date of August 24.


Residents\ protest over plans for the former Jerusalem Baptist Chapel in Llangoed

Residents\’ protest over plans for the former Jerusalem Baptist Chapel in Llangoed


The handwritten protest claims the plans will mean “more cars, there will no parking for residents, and shop deliveries will be impossible.”

“Please oppose to this!” it urges.

In the planning documents, the applicant claims to have had “general and informal discussions with neighbours” claiming “‘ALL’ of whom would like to see the site developed.”

She adds “I have also discussed parking issues with some of the adjacent neighbours  concerned about the previous agent’s idea to site parking at the end of the village in the car park.”

“This was never the intention, neither is it envisaged that parking will affect the adjoining cottages who are very protective about their rights to park in front of their houses.

“This may have caused unfounded fears around disturbing the parking for current residents.

Adding “30m of ‘adequate parking’  12m opposite the chapel exists.”

The plans say “photos will be attached” –  although no photos showing parking appeared to be in the online plans.

“There is a separate issue regarding supermarket traffic opposite the chapel which would exist even if all the houses were removed from both sides of the road and on either side of and including the chapel.” She states.

The documents also reveal that a pre application survey found a single Soprano pipistrelle bat  behind coping stones at the chapel.

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