Anglesey rural skills workshops to help protect traditional crafts

ISLE of Anglesey County Council is working in partnership with Coed Llwynonn Community Woodland and Natural Resources Wales to deliver a series of traditional rural skills workshops.

The workshops will help protect traditional crafts – used throughout the ages – but are now under threat.

The council’s Countryside and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Team recently held a successful workshop, which saw people from all ages and backgrounds attend to make a coracle from natural materials.

AONB community warden, Joseff Davies, said: “This was the second workshop we’ve held following a dry stone walling workshop in October 2021.

“This particular workshop was very different from the first as it was less about countryside management, and more about promoting a dwindling rural crafts.

“Sadly, coracle making is a skill under threat in the UK – many people don’t know what a coracle is – never mind how to build one.

“A coracle was a fundamental part of our ancestors’ history; it was an essential tool in their everyday lives for transportation and fishing.

“The feedback we received from the workshop was incredibly positive.

“All of those taking part said that they thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and that they were eager to test out their newly crafted coracles on the water.”

The main aims of the workshops are to increase the number of people that can perform traditional crafts and to increase awareness and interest in local historical culture and traditions.

The next two workshops in the series are a tool handle crafting workshop and a cleft ash gate workshop.

All of the workshops conform to current COVID-19 guidelines with a suitable risk assessment created for each event.

For more information about upcoming events, please visit:

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