Anglesey woman who maintained weight loss for more than three years is ‘Diamond Slimmer’

A “SUPER slimmer” from Menai Bridge, Anglesey has set a dazzling example of long-term weight loss.

Edwina Crump joined the Menai Bridge Slimming World group, which meets every Monday at the Memorial Hall in 2019, and has lost more than four stone.

Even more impressively, she’s kept the weight off since, proving she’s made lifelong changes to her eating and activity habits.

January 29, 2018 was a major turning point in Edwina’s life. On a Monday morning, accompanied by a friend, they walked into a group.

Edwina said: “I felt sick inside. I didn’t know what to expect and more importantly was unsure would Slimming World work?

“I needn’t have worried as there was such a warm welcome from the consultant and the members in the room, and having lost the weight that I have, I can absolutely say it does work.”

Edwina wanted to improve her health more than anything, following a spell in intensive care, which left her weak physically and emotionally.

With the support and help of her family, she recovered and went on to get married and have two sons, but with that came weight gain.


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Edwina added: “I was happily getting on with life – a wife, a mother, and full time special educational needs teacher.

“It was busy, but I had energy and youth on my side.”

The years went by, and Edwina was steadily putting on weight, kidding herself that all was well.

She said: “On the outside I was bubbly, but on the inside I was very unhappy – clothes shopping was always a chore and my confidence was at an all-time low.”

Edwina’s choices were met with a lot of bread and cakes, her evening meals rushed with convenience jars and packets, and exercise was a dirty word.

She recalls how, in the past, she had enjoyed aerobics and walking, but was now attending the sports centre only to watch her boys swim, ending up in the café every time, with a milky coffee and flapjack before going home to an evening meal.

This lifestyle continued and in 2015, she became extremely ill which resulted in being rushed into hospital, where she was diagnosed with urosepsis.

“The message that came across loud and clear was the lack of drinking enough water and my eating habits – eating all the wrong things, which had now taken its toll on my body,” said Edwina.

“I’ve often been asked what the was turning point in doing something about my weight. It was my two lovely granddaughters starting to refer to me as ‘Niani on the sofa’ – someone who know had no energy, feeling poorly and sedentary in my way of life.

“I went to the GP and was referred to Aintree Hospital in Liverpool, who discovered my body could not get rid of bile.

“After knowing what was wrong, I knew I had to do my bit to improve my health and so my journey began.”

In March 2020, Edwina entered lockdown full of confidence.

She added: “I held onto the changes I had made. it was definitely easier thanks to the ongoing support of Annette and Slimming World via our virtual group – it was so nice to continue to see friendly faces and get help and advice even though we couldn’t be together in person.

“Following Slimming World’s Food Optimising eating plan, which encourages slimmers to fill up on healthy, satisfying foods like fruit and veg, pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meat and fish, I never went hungry or deprived, and my journey has helped me to understand myself as a slimmer.”

Edwina reflects on reaching and maintaining her target for the last three years.

She said: “From 13st 10, to achieving my goal of nine stone and nine lbs on my youngest son’s birthday (June 10, 2019) was amazing, and to keep it off.

“I’ve learnt about myself and the importance of my relationship with food, I have bags of confidence again and enjoyed socialising, whilst still maintaining my weight loss.

“I’m also back walking, so we have adventures with plenty of weekends away and holidays home and abroad.

“Everyone continues to compliment my success which is very humbling, and how I love shopping for clothes. Skinny jeans have become my favourite!

“It is great to open the wardrobe to choose what to wear rather than seeing what fits.

“In fact, my granddaughters have a new ‘Niani’ – I’m the first one out of the door to play and I’ve even bought an extra hula hoop for me!

“I’ve made so many friends since joining Slimming World that I can’t imagine not going to the group each week – I couldn’t be without them; they’re like family.

“Everyone inspired and supported me to achieve my target and now it’s my turn to do the same for other people, to show the same kindness, warmth and compassion that I was shown.

“Even when my group went virtual, the support from my Consultant never wavered, so neither did I – and seeing those same friendly faces each week has really helped keep me focused on my goal, especially if I had a tough week.

“I feel younger now than even in my 40s and 50s and my health is excellent – I no longer needing medication for blood pressure and I no longer cringe when I’m faced with the scales.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself as a slimmer and how to optimise my food well, but it’s sustainable and family-friendly.

“I’m now a Diamond member, which means I have been at my target for three years, and wear my badge with pride.

“I carry the Slimming World membership openly, because if I can do it, anybody can do it and if you want it badly enough, you will absolutely do it.”

Annette, who runs the Menai Bridge group, added:: “At Slimming World, we believe that losing weight and maintaining for the long-term is the most under-recognised achievement in weight management.

“I’m so proud of Edwina; she has proven just what incredible things you can achieve when you make that commitment to improve your health and truly believe in yourself.

“Even in the most recent months, when at times, many of us have struggled to stay motivated, Edwina has been amazing at keeping everyone’s spirits up.

“She is a real inspiration, not only to me, but all the other members in the group, and it’s always great for new members to meet her and see just what’s possible at Slimming World.”

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey