Anglesey’s rural roads in ‘poor condition’

AN Anglesey councillor has raised concerns over the poor condition of the island’s rural roads and called for more investment.

It followed a report given by the head of highways Huw Percy during a meeting of Anglesey County Council.

Mr Percy had reported that 3 percent of the island’s main ‘A’ roads, were in a “poor condition.”

He also said 2.8 percent of ‘B’ roads were in the same condition  and  8.2 percent of ‘C’ roads were in a similar state.

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He said the measure did not include unclassified roads – “although a large percentage of our rural roads are unclassified.” Mr Percy said.

“We only prioritise expenditure on the ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads, as they are the strategic roads and carry the majority of traffic,” he said.

“We collate data by undertaking sample surveys every year, but every road is not measured –  it would not be practical to do that.

“We only focus on the most strategic routes, it would be good if we had more resources to focus on the rural roads.,” he added.

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But the council’s leader of the opposition, Anglesey Independents Councillor Aled Morris Jones, said: “Effectively, you have confirmed to me that our rural roads are  in a poor condition.

“From what I can see, they are not even acknowledged  in your report.”

“Roads such as the Rhosgoch to Carreglefn perhaps, Pencraigwen,  or to Llys Dulas say, the residents of Anglesey still need to use those roads.

“They may not be  not our main roads, but we as a county council have a duty towards those roads as well.

“Every vein to the heart is important and unless all those veins work we are in danger of failing.

Councillor Robin W Williams replied: “We must remember that we have provided half a million additional funding to spend on highways for this year.

“There is a recognition that more work needs to be done but we don’t have a bottomless pot of resources.”

“I accept you have spent money, but we need to spend more money on our rural roads,” Cllr Aled Jones replied.

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