Beaumaris seagull slaughter slammed

AN Anglesey resident is “shocked and distressed” after finding a number of seagulls she believes have been “deliberately killed or injured” in Beaumaris.

The latest  incident involved a mother bird found barely alive on Little Lane – its legs were broken,  bones sticking out and its dead chick was nearby.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she has found five dead birds, including baby birds, and nine eggs taken from nests over the past few months.

In May, she  found one mother bird lying with its neck broken and nests of eggs destroyed in St Mary and St Nicholas churchyard.

The Reverend Canon Robert W Townsend confirmed that seagulls on eggs had been found dead there, some months ago.

The police were called  and the female bird taken away for analysis.


It was later found to have Avian Influenza – halting any further examinations North Wales Police said today.

The woman, is appealing to residents and visitors to report anyone seen harming the protected sea birds to contact the police.

“Someone is killing them deliberately but they are a protected species,” she said.

“I want people to keep their eyes open and raise awareness of what is going on.

“It is very distressing, this is happening in Beaumaris. Someone is killing them. It is just horrible.”

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said: “On May 27, we received a report that a seagull had been killed in the graveyard of St Mary and St Nicholas church, Beaumaris.  Eggs in a nearby nest had also been taken.

“Following the report, we attended and seized the bird, which has since been examined by the Welsh Government.

“The examination found the bird had Avian Influenza. Due to the risk, all further examinations were stopped.”

PC Matt Raymond of the Rural Crime Team also said: “Unfortunately there have been no further lines of enquiry to prove who committed this offence.

“All wild birds are protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. “

It is an offence to kill and injure a wild bird, take their eggs and damage their active nests.

“If any seagulls are found dead, especially with no apparent signs of injury, please contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency, as they may have Avian Influenza.

“North Wales Police can also be contacted if you suspect there has been a crime.”

The woman added “The injured bird on Little Lane looked like it had been deliberately run over.”

“It was horrific, I tried to save her. I bathed her broken legs, I could see the bones. I contacted the RSPB and I assume they took her away to be put down.

“People need to know, seagulls are intelligent birds. The ones in the church yard cleverly laid eggs where the sun warmed up the gravestones.

“I happened to walk by.  I saw a mother bird lying on the grass, her neck broken, her eggs  stolen. It was shocking.

 “Another two birds were gone too, and eggs from their nests, all gone. The cruel people who do this are much worse than just vandals.”

The Reverend Canon Robert W Townsend said.”Some people have a love hate relationship with seagulls.

“The birds can be very protective, especially when they have young around.

“Unfortunately, some think it is acceptable it is kill them, but it is never right to do that.  

“What is needed is education about them how to live alongside them.”

The RSPB was contacted.

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey