Coastguards call out Beaumaris lifeboat to motor vessel

BEAUMARIS inshore lifeboat has been called out to assist a motor vessel whose engine had failed.

An RNLI spokesperson said: “On Monday afternoon after a call from Holyhead Coastguards, the Beaumaris inshore lifeboat, the Annette Mary Liddington, was launched to assist a motor vessel with engine failure near Caernarfon.

“However, by the time the lifeboat was by Bangor pier the Coastguard informed the lifeboat the engine on the casualty craft had been restarted.

The Coastguard instructed the lifeboat to wait in the vicinity of Bangor pier pending the arrival at Caernarfon of the Mobile Coastguard Rescue Team from Bangor.

“It was then confirmed the craft had made her own way into Caernarfon and that the assistance of the lifeboat would not be required.”

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey