Dionne Hildebrandt, from Kinmel Bay, has tied positive notes to three bridges in the hopes of raising awareness of suicide prevention month

AN NHS WORKER from Kinmel Bay has been tying notes, with positive handwritten messages on them, to bridges across North Wales as part of suicide prevention month.

Dionne Hildebrandt (below), 23, hopes the notes can be ‘useful’ to passers-by, help raise awareness of suicide prevention month and show people that ‘they are not alone’.

North Wales Chronicle:

Uplifting messages such as ‘brighter days are ahead’ and ‘you are needed’ are aimed at changing the mindsets of anyone approaching a nearby bridge.

Dionne’s messages, along with numbers for helplines, have been placed on the Foryd Bridge aka ‘Blue Bridge’ in Rhyl, the Rainbow Bridge on the A55 between Llanddulas and Old Colwyn and the Menai Suspension Bridge on Anglesey.

North Wales Chronicle: North Wales Chronicle:

PICTURES: Messages left by Dionne on the Foryd/Blue Bridge and Rainbow Bridge.

Since the age of 18, Dionne has been fundraising and donating to, as well as volunteering for, charities on an annual basis.

This time around, she decided to come up with an idea she believes can be ‘useful’ to the residents of North Wales.

Dionne said: “I knew that this year had been hard on so many people and there are so many people out there who feel like they’re alone in the world, and I wanted to do something positive.

North Wales Chronicle: North Wales Chronicle:

PICTURE: Handwritten notes by Dionne and a message on the Menai Suspension Bridge, Anglesey.

“I hand wrote all the notes, laminated them and drove from Kinmel Bay to Anglesey. I didn’t think people would even notice them to be honest, but I’m so glad I took the time to do it after seeing the response.

“It was really nerve-wracking going to these places and it was quite overwhelming at times, but I took my best friend Laura with me to help me tie them up and she’s been helping me with my charity work for the past three years too”.

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