Doubtful friends who lost their way down ridge call for help after becoming ‘so cold’

FRIENDS who became ‘so cold’ attempting the Welsh 15 Peaks Challenge were forced to call for help.

The walkers had encountered high winds and rain on Pen Yr Ole Wen and decided to descend back to the Ogwen Valley.

Unfortunately they lost the path down the ridge and were not confident to try to down climb the large rock step in the wet so decided to wait until daylight.

Despite getting into their group shelter, they eventually became so cold they had to phone for help at about 3am.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation posted on Facebook: “While most of the team pretended not to hear the callout, a party of five set off to the casualty group. Once re-warmed, the group were roped down the rock step and walked down to Oggie base.

“The group made some good decisions in changing their plans when faced with changing conditions and were already discussing where they could have improved.

“They had concentrated on checking the weather for the Crib Goch section and thought they should have looked further ahead.

“They had also been working on a traditional map and compass and thought that using some digital mapping as well might have helped when they encountered bad weather.

“Hopefully they will have a successful attempt again soon.”

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey