Ex-Anglesey councillor honoured after ‘miscarriage of justice’

A FORMER councillor who suffered a “terrible miscarriage of justice” and has spent 16 years fighting to clear his name has been honoured. 

In 2006, former Gaerwen sub-postmaster, Noel Thomas, was jailed for nine months for false accounting after money apparently went missing.

Last year the London Court of Appeal quashed Mr Thomas’s conviction and those of numerous other sub-postmasters, after it emerged that they had fallen victim to the failings of an IT system introduced by the Post Office.

Members of the county council unanimously supported a Notice of Motion put forward by former councillor Bob Parry that Mr Thomas be invited to the Council Chamber for a formal vote of gratitude for his faithful service as a county councillor.

Cllr Dafydd Roberts, council chairman, said: “Noel Thomas was a popular and conscientious local member for the Llanfihangel Esceifiog Ward and I cannot imagine the nightmare he and his family have endured these past years.

“We were delighted to have had the opportunity to welcome Mr Thomas, and members of his family, to attend today’s meeting and honour him with a small token of our thanks and gratitude for his commitment and dedication during his time as a county councillor.”

Several former councillors who stood down before the local government elections in May 2022 were also thanked for their faithful service as county councillors.

Mr Noel Thomas said: “These past years have been very hard on myself and my family and the quashing of my conviction came as a huge relief for us all.

“I’m grateful to the county council and its elected members for their kind invitation to return to the Council Chamber; and also proud to receive this token of appreciation for my time serving the people of the Llanfihangel Esceifiog Ward.”

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey