Girl who had come off her paddleboard near Holyhead harbour rescued by Holyhead RNLI

LIFESAVERS rushed to rescue a girl who had come off her paddleboard.

RNLI Holyhead Lifeboat Station were alerted to the incident on Sunday, June 13. Their all-weather lifeboat Christopher Pearce had just completed a training exercise when they were tasked by the coastguard to assist the girl who had come off a paddleboard within the outer harbour of Holyhead.

The ALB quickly went to the location and found the girl in the water.

She was struggling to get back on board her craft. Both she and a male companion were drifting further out towards open sea when the lifeboat arrived at the scene.

The crew picked up the two people concerned, along with their crafts and paddles, and recovered them to the safety of Newry Beach, where coastguard volunteers were waiting to assist.

While attending the incident, it also became apparent there were several recreational divers in the area, who were not utilising the recommended surface marker buoys at that time. It was only the keen eye of a crew member on lookout who spotted air bubbles, and alerted the rest of the crew to their presence.

Tony Price, Holyhead RNLI coxswain, said: “It was very lucky the divers were spotted. That area is near a landing stage for a variety of craft including our lifeboat, and it’s vital that any divers make themselves visible using surface marker buoys.

“This is a very busy time along the coast, with many vessels in those waters, and the potential for danger is very real.”

The lifeboat returned to her berth and was ready for further service by 1.30pm.

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey