Gordon Ramsay enjoys Anglesey cafe’s scones

AN Anglesey café proprietor was “nervous but delighted” to serve up home made scones and tasty Welsh treats to one of the UK’s most outspoken chefs when he dropped by.

Known for his no-nonsense manner and strong language Gordon Ramsay visited the Pilot House Café whilst filming in the area around  the Trwyn Du  lighthouse, Penmon Point  on Tuesday.

The BBC had hired the eatery, which has been run by Hayley Peace and her partner Phil Russell and family for the past 14 years,

The cafe occupies a stunning position looking out towards Puffin Island.

Hayley said: “We were delighted to meet Gordon Ramsay and his crew on Tuesday.

“He  arrived early in the afternoon,  we were excited to meet him although we were a bit nervous serving him our scones, but he said they were delicious!”

“He was  a lovely guy, he didn’t come over as you see on TV,  he wasn’t angry, shouting or swearing.

“He was just happy to shake hands and meet everyone including myself and Phil my partner, my daughter Trinity , son Charlie , Alex and the rest of the team Jo and Siwan.

“The BBC had hired us exclusively to do the catering and we provided Gordon and his team with food and drinks throughout the day.

“He came along with his  crew,  with a big Winnebago, but later went off in his Range Rover to Portmeirion.

“Whilst chatting to Gordon, he complimented us on our delicious scones our friendly team and the stunning location.”


Gordon Ramsay at the launch of Gordon Ramsays Future Food Stars, a new food entertainment series for BBC One, in Soho, London. Picture date: Thursday March 10, 2022.

Gordon Ramsay at the launch of Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars, a new food entertainment series for BBC One, in Soho, London. Picture date: Thursday March 10, 2022.


After the filming, Hayley gifted Gordon some home-made traditional Bara Brith loaves, a jar of home-made gin and tonic lemon marmalade and a Penmon Point fridge magnet to remember his visit.

She added: “The crew enjoyed their lunch so much they decided to stay on for the evening to enjoy our pizza , burger  and beach snack menu.

“The weather was so nice, they said they wished they were not  working so they could have had something off our new cocktail and alcohol menu too, but they told us, ‘we’ll be back for that another day during our time off!’”

“The director said he was shocked! The  crew must have really liked the location  as usually, once filming has finished, they head straight back home!”

A few years ago, ITV hired  the café exclusively when it filmed I’m a Celebrity. It also won the Anglesey Take Away hero’s award and they got an invite to have Westminster for tea and scones.

Hayley added: “We are very grateful to be in such a beautiful location, we love all our customers and make the most of life here every day.

“We look forward to continuing to serve our community. But we have been joking with ourselves at who’s going to turn up here next!”

“Phil is hoping  it will be Jeremy Clarkson or Guy Martin next!”

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey