Holyhead residents ‘so happy’ after Santa float to go ahead after year of cancelled events

WHILE it remains unclear whether this Christmas will be anything but normal, residents in Holyhead can rest assured that Santa is coming to town.

Holyhead Round Table and Ynys Mon 41 Club said they will hold “the one and only Holyhead Santa” parade, which will see Santa parade the streets of the Anglesey town in his sleigh.

It comes amid uncertainty over what coronavirus restrictions will be in place over the Christmas period, including whether families will be able to meet as usual.

There are likely to be social-distancing restrictions in place along the Santa parade route to ensure that coronavirus rules are followed.

A post on the Holyhead Round Table said: “Holyhead Round Table and Ynys Mon 41 Club are pleased to announce that we will be bringing the one and only Holyhead Santa around the streets this Christmas once again.

“Things will be slightly different for obvious reasons.

“Details, routes and dates to be released in the coming weeks.”

Residents reacted with glee to the news on Facebook after a year in which festivals and annual events have been cancelled.

One commenter said: “This make me soooo happy. Thank you round table and the main man himself.”

Another said: “I’m so happy to see this! Thank you”.

A third added: “Best news ever.”

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