Local elections: The candidates in the running to be Anglesey councillors

ISLE of Anglesey County Council has shared the names of those standing to represent each of its wards in next month’s local elections.

On Thursday, May 5, voters in the county will go to the polls, with those not yet registered to vote having until April 14 to do so.

The deadline to apply for postal and proxy votes are April 19 and April 26 respectively, at 5pm on both dates.

Anyone not registered to vote at their current address can do so online at www.gov.uk/registertovote.


The candidates in the running to be Gwynedd councillors

The candidates in the running to be Denbighshire councillors

The candidates in the running to be Conwy councillors

Below is the full list of candidates for each ward:

Aethwy Ward (three councillors)

• Laurence Carver (Wales Green Party)

• Mark Edwards (Welsh Conservatives)

• Steven Green (Welsh Conservatives)

• Dyfed Jones (Plaid Cymru)

• Michael Marchbanks (Welsh Labour)

• Alun Mummery (Plaid Cymru)

• Mark Salisbury (Welsh Conservatives)

• Robin Williams (Plaid Cymru)

Bodowyr Ward (two councillors)

• Adam Bakewell (Welsh Conservatives)

• Andy Beaumont (Wales Green Party)

• Eric Jones (Independent)

• Dafydd Roberts (Independent)

• Angela Smith (Welsh Conservatives)

• Alwen Watkin (Plaid Cymru)

• Einion Williams (Welsh Labour)

Bro Aberffraw Ward (two councillors)

• Dillon Hughes (Welsh Conservatives)

• Daniel Ap Eifion Jones (Independent)

• John Jones (Plaid Cymru)

• Bryan Owen (Independent)

• Ray Robertshaw (Welsh Conservatives)

• Peter Rogers (Independent; Conservative Party, March 2021 – present)

• Arfon Wyn (Plaid Cymru)

Bro’r Llynnoedd Ward (two councillors)

• Celfyn Furlong (Welsh Conservatives)

• Glyn Jones (Independent)

• Gwilym Jones (Independent)

• Ken Taylor (Plaid Cymru)

• Dafydd Williams (Welsh Conservatives)

Canolbarth Môn Ward (three councillors)

• Non Dafydd (Plaid Cymru)

• Maureen Davies (Welsh Conservatives)

• Paul Ellis (Independent)

• Nicholas Grenfell-Marten (Welsh Conservatives)

• Robat Idris (Independent)

• Dylan Rees (Plaid Cymru)

• Llinos Roberts (Independent)

• Stuart Walton (Welsh Conservatives)

• Sonia Williams (Plaid Cymru)

Cefni Ward (two councillors)

• Geraint Ap Ifan Bebb (Plaid Cymru)

• Davida Brown (Welsh Conservatives)

• Claire Davey (Propel)

• Peter Davey (Propel)

• Sioned McGuigan (Independent)

• Lois Roberts (Independent)

• Nicola Roberts (Plaid Cymru)

• John Rogers (Welsh Conservatives)

Crigyll Ward (two councillors)

• Richard Dew (Independent)

• Felicity Elphick (Welsh Conservatives)

• Neville Evans (Plaid Cymru)

• Douglas Fowlie (Independent)

• Stephanie Roberts (Independent)

• Carron White (Welsh Conservatives)

Lligwy Ward (three councillors)

• Paul Flower (Welsh Conservatives)

• Kevin Mawdesley (Welsh Conservatives)

• Euryn Morris (Plaid Cymru)

• Barbara Price (Welsh Conservatives)

• Margaret Roberts (Plaid Cymru)

• Ieuan Williams (Independent)

• Sam Wood (Reform UK)

Parc a’r Mynydd (two councillors)

• Adrienne Edwards (Independent)

• Glyn Haynes (Welsh Labour)

• Abi Jenkins (Welsh Conservatives)

• Bob Jones (Independent)

• Mark Rayner (Welsh Conservatives)

Seiriol Ward (three councillors)

• Robert Brown (Welsh Conservatives)

• Carwyn Jones (Plaid Cymru)

• Sarah Kendal (Wales Green Party, formerly Labour during previous 12 months)

• Hugo Page Croft (Welsh Conservatives)

• Gary Pritchard (Plaid Cymru)

• Alun Roberts (Plaid Cymru)

• Philip Roper (Welsh Conservatives)

Talybolion Ward (three councillors)

• Rhian Boylan (Welsh Conservatives)

• Paul Cross (Wales Green Party)

• Tania Cullen (Welsh Conservatives)

• Rob Gordon (Heritage Party)

• Kenneth Hughes (Independent)

• Jackie Lewis (Plaid Cymru)

• Llinos Medi (Plaid Cymru)

• Lilo Owen (Plaid Cymru)

• Rhys Parry (Independent)

• Catrin Thomas (Independent)

• Stayce Weeder (Welsh Conservatives)

Tref Cybi Ward (two councillors)

• Michael Bailey (Plaid Cymru)

• Howard Browes (Plaid Cymru)

• Jeff Evans (Independent)

• Pip O’Neill (Welsh Labour)

• Graham Smith (Welsh Conservatives)

• Jason Weeder (Welsh Conservatives)

• Hywel Williams (Welsh Labour)

Twrcelyn Ward (three councillors)

• Keith Fitton (Welsh Conservatives)

• Leah Fitton (Welsh Conservatives)

• John Gill (Welsh Conservatives)

• Aled Jones (Welsh Lib Dems)

• Derek Owen (Independent)

• Liz Wood (Independent)

Ynys Gybi Ward (three councillors)

• Bethan Davies (Welsh Conservatives)

• Trefor Lloyd Hughes (Plaid Cymru)

• Alexandré Lovell-Smith (Welsh Conservatives)

• Anwen McCann (Independent)

• Kathryn Owen (Welsh Conservatives)

• Keith Roberts (Welsh Labour)

• Dafydd Thomas (Independent)

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