Menai Bridge piano tutor releasing book about living with anxiety disorder

A MENAI Bridge-based piano tutor is set to reveal how she overcame a lifelong severe anxiety disorder without professional help.

Jen Griffiths, 35, is releasing her book – entitled “Tales of an Anxiety Warrior” – at the end of Mental Health Week (May 9-15).

Her mission is to inspire as many people as she can while breaking down the stigma of talking about mental health.

“After contributing a chapter to Amazon bestseller ‘Seen’, published on Mental Health Day last year (October 10, 2021), I am now ready to tell my full story,” said Jen, who first began teaching piano lessons in 2016.


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Indeed, Jen was one of only 15 women nationwide to be featured in “Seen”, which topped the Amazon UK charts in six different categories on pre-orders alone.

Jen, who also held her first live concert in December, added: “I set up as a piano teacher after being bullied out of an office job.

“Starting with no confidence or self-esteem – having had counselling, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and mindfulness with little results – it took reaching rock bottom and a national lockdown before I was able to find the resources which helped me to overcome the disorder I had lived with for most of my life.

“I now hope to show others that there is always a way out, no matter how stuck you are.”

The book will be available on Amazon from May 15 in paperback.

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