Menai Suspension Bridge turns blue for NHS’ 72nd birthday celebrations

THE Menai Suspension Bridge was colourfully lit up to celebrate the NHS’ 72nd birthday.

On Sunday, the Anglesey landmark joined in with other sites across the country which turned blue to mark the special occasion – as shown in the fantastic picture above taken by Sharon Gee.

Other buildings transformed over the weekend included the Royal Albert Hall, Blackpool Tower and the Wembley Arch.

This weekend, everyone was urged to take part in one of the biggest ‘thank-yous’ the country has ever given to the NHS.

It culminate in a pause for applause at 5pm on Sunday, 72 years after the NHS was founded.

During the last few months, the NHS has been through what has arguably been the greatest test in its lifetime, and it will continue to deal with the many challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic for the foreseeable future.

Sir Simon Stevens, NHS Chief Executive, said: “This year has been the most challenging in NHS history, with staff displaying extraordinary dedication, skill and compassion to care for the 100,000 patients with Covid-19 who needed specialist hospital treatment and many others besides.

“During this testing time our nurses, doctors, physios, pharmacists and countless more colleagues were sustained by the support of the public, not least through the weekly applause for key workers.

“No health service, not even the NHS, could have coped alone with this coronavirus pandemic.

“From bus drivers and teachers to care staff and food retailers and, of course, the public who took action to stay at home to stop infection spreading, everyone played their part.

“The NHS’s anniversary this year not only offers the opportunity for us to say thank you to the nation, but for us all to come together at 5pm to pause and recognise all the work which has taken place in the last months and say a heartfelt thank you.”

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey