MP says Online Safety Bill should be used to better protect women from abuse

THE MP for Ynys Môn, Virginia Crosbie, has told the UK Government the upcoming Online Safety Bill should be used to better protect women from online abuse and harassment.

Mrs Crosbie has dealt with online sexist and racist abuse since her election in 2019.

She has called out the abusers and asked for the Anglesey community to stand united against those who perpetrate it.

Speaking in parliament this week, Mrs Crosbie asked the safeguarding minister Rachel Maclean: “Does the minister agree that it is time to better protect women from abuse and harassment, and the vehicle to do this is the Online Safety Bill?

In reply, the minister said: “I fully agree with my honourable friend. No-one should feel afraid to participate in our democracy.

“Intimidation in public life can stop talented people, such as my honourable friend, and those from minority backgrounds from standing for public office.”

Speaking afterwards, Mrs Crosbie added: “Like many who deal with this sort of abuse, I want to see action to limit how these cowards operate.

“I remain bewildered why anyone would abuse someone because they are a woman, are LGBTQ+, or Jewish or Muslim and that’s just a few examples.

“It is not just politicians and celebrities in the public eye who suffer this, it is often the public going about their work or saying something someone doesn’t like. It’s completely unacceptable.

“The Online Safety Bill is a golden opportunity to address many of the abuse issues women and minorities face online as it appears social media platforms do not want to.

“I look forward to reading the draft bill.”

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey