MPs covering Anglesey, Gwynedd and Denbighshire object to proposed £3,300 payrise for MPs

Several north Wales MPs have objected to plans that would see them awarded a £3,300 payrise despite the proposed public sector pay freeze.

MPs have written to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) calling for their salaries to be frozen next year by not implementing the planned 3% increase.

Such a rise would see their basic salaries go above £85,000 from April.

One letter, sent to Ipsa’s interim chairman,  has seen over 50 Tory MPs reject the body’s recommendation for their pay to rise by £3,300 in April, with objections also raised by Labour and Plaid Cymru MPs.

Arguing that with constituents facing financial uncertainty because of the coronavirus pandemic that they should help to “shoulder the burden,” one north Wales MP says that it would be “completely inappropriate in the current climate.”

Virginia Crosbie, the member for Ynys Mon said: “My constituents – like others across the nation – have seen businesses and jobs lost.

“MP’s pay is awarded by an independent body to ensure transparency and fairness, but, along with my colleagues in Parliament, I feel that it would be completely inappropriate for such an award to be made in the current climate.

“The Prime Minister has already announced that the salaries for Ministers, over which he has control, will not be increased next year.

“Within our letter we have urged IPSA to follow his example and recognise that awarding MPs a pay rise would be neither appropriate nor justifiable at this time.”

Other north Wales MPs to sign the letter include Rob Roberts, Sarah Atherton and Simon Baynes.

Both the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and leader of the opposition, Keir Starmer, have stated on record their belief that MPs should not be getting a pay rise next year.

On Wednesday the Chancellor confirmed that over a million nurses, doctors and others working in the NHS will get a rise but that pay rises for the rest of the public sector will be “paused” – except for the 2.1 million workers earning below the median wage of £24,000, who will receive an increase of at least £250.

A spokesman for Plaid Cymru, which has three MPs in the chamber including Arfon’s Hywel Williams and Dwyfor Meirionnydd’s Liz Saville Roberts, confirmed they were also stating their objection with IPSA.

Confirming they also rejected the “imposing of a real terms pay cut on thousands of public sector key workers,” they said in a statement “This is an affront to the dedication of those who have been on the front line during the pandemic. 2020 has been a period of hardship and financial crisis for so many people.

“In this context, it’s clear that now is not the time to give MPs a pay rise.

“As Plaid Cymru MPs, we are writing to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority urging them not to proceed with the proposed pay rise for MPs.”

IPSA is due to announce its final decision next month.

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey