MS calls for Welsh Government intervention with Holyhead marina plans

RHUN ap Iorwerth, Ynys Môn MS, called on the Welsh Government to be clear in its support for a marina in Holyhead and step in to resolve issues preventing progress in the Senedd today (July 13).

The MS expressed his concerns that Holyhead is still without a marina, four years on since the devastation of Storm Emma, despite owners’ immediate plans to rebuild.

Conygar also have plans for a marina as part of its Holyhead Waterfront Regeneration Scheme (Planning application FPL/2021294/EIA, submitted on October 18, 2021).

He called on Welsh Government to play a part in bringing different parties together, including working with stakeholders, to try and find a resolution that would lead to the development of a new marina as soon as possible.


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Mr ap Iorwerth said: “It’s over four years now since Storm Emma devastated the marina in Holyhead.

“There are plans to rebuild, but those plans are being frustrated by the fact that there’s another development that’s long been in the pipeline for the waterfront in Holyhead that also includes plans for a marina.

“If Conygar wants to show that it is interested in doing what’s right for Holyhead, it should be doing everything to facilitate and bring forward the re-establishment of a marina as quickly as possible—whoever does that.

“I appealed on Welsh Government to be clear in its support for the marina and asked the Minister to consider what practical and financial support it can give.

“In light of that current frustration, Welsh Government must play a part in bringing the different parties together, working with local stakeholders, including myself, the local authority and so on, to find a resolution as soon as possible.”

Vaughan Gething, minister for the economy, confirmed that Welsh Government wants to be able to play a part in moving discussions forward.

Mr ap Iorwerth will now be writing to Welsh Government to pursue this matter.

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey