New flood alleviation technology installed in Beaumaris

A NEW automatic debris removal screen has been installed in Anglesey to help protect the area from the risk of flooding.

Following periods of intense rainfall and rising high sea-water levels, the screen (the first of its kind to be installed in Wales), found on Mill Lane, Beaumaris, will reduce the risk of drain blockage by removing debris.

In adherence to COVID-19 guidelines, Anglesey Council will be hosting an open day on Friday, September 3, from 12-6pm.

This will give residents and businesses the opportunity to discuss and see how the new system works.

Anglesey’s highways, property and waste portfolio holder, Councillor Bob Parry, said: “With the increasing threat of climate change and extreme weather-related incidents, it is essential that we put adequate flood defences in place to help protect our local communities.

“We are continuously working with partners on new innovative schemes to help reduce the risks of flooding on the island.

“If you are a local resident or business owner and would like to find out more about this project, please join us at the open day on Friday, September 3.”

More information about the open day can be found at:

Further information about the new automatic debris removal screen installed at the Mill Lane culvert entrance is also available at:

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey