New tips bill sponsored by Anglesey MP reaches major milestone

A BILL calling for workers to take home more of their hard-earned cash has reached a major milestone.

The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill, a new law that will benefit millions of workers to keep their tips and gratuities, was first introduced by Watford MP Dean Russell and sponsored by Ynys Môn MP Virginia Crosbie.

It was voted through the House of Commons on Friday, January 20. This means it is now a step closer to becoming law.

The overhaul of tipping practices will ensure millions of UK workers will be able to take home more of their hard-earned cash by preventing employers from withholding tips from their staff.

Despite most hospitality workers – many of whom are earning the National Minimum Wage – relying on tips, there are still many businesses who fail to pass on service charges from customers to staff.

Speaking after the successful vote, Mr Russell said: “It is a great success that my Tips Bill has passed through the House of Commons which will benefit around two-million UK workers across the hospitality, leisure and services sectors. I am very grateful to Virginia Crosbie MP for her supporting the passage of the Bill which will ensure a fair deal for millions of workers across the country, including thousands in Ynys Môn and Watford.

“As I said in the House of Commons, my hope is this will end the need for any customer to have to ask if staff will receive their tip, as they will know it is their legal right to do so.”

Ms Crosbie said: “It is not fair that workers do not receive the tips they have earned, and I am really pleased I am playing my part in making sure this unfairness ends as this bill enters its final stages in parliament.

“In places like Anglesey where hospitality is a big part of the economy, I know many restaurant, café and pub staff will be really pleased this is likely to happen.

“Customers too will now have confidence their hard-earned money is going to the place they wanted it to go.”

The responding Minister for Business, Kevin Hollinrake MP, thanked Mr Russell and Ms Crosbie for their efforts in bringing the bill to the House and the wider campaign about fairness and transparency to make society a fairer one.

Through the Bill, a new statutory Code of Practice will be developed to provide businesses and staff with advice on how tips should be distributed. In addition, workers will receive a new right to request more information relating to an employer’s tipping record, enabling them to bring forward a credible claim to an employment tribunal. Agreements can also be made to divide the tips fairly to ensure staff working behind the scenes are included, as kitchen and cleaning staff for example, can often go unrecognised.

The Bill will now pass through the remaining stages in the House of Lords before passing into law.

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey