North Wales PC sacked after sexual activity with “vulnerable crime victim”

A NORTH Wales PC who engaged in sexual activity with the “vulnerable” victim of a crime has been sacked.

PC Peter Willdigg was dismissed after a week-long police misconduct hearing at St Asaph Police Station into whether he had committed gross misconduct.

The allegation, which dated back almost 15 years, was that PC Willdigg gave the victim of an assault his personal phone number before engaging in sexual activity with her.

The hearing, held behind closed doors last week, concluded that the allegation was proven.

In a statement released after the hearing, North Wales Police said: “On dates between 1st and 8 September 2020 PC 1609 Peter Willdigg appeared before a misconduct hearing at Divisional Police Headquarters, St Asaph.

“This related to allegations of honesty and integrity and discreditable conduct, specifically that during April 2006 PC Willdigg was investigating an allegation of assault involving a vulnerable female victim.

“As a result of that incident PC Willdigg provided the female with his personal phone number and exchanged text messages, thereafter he engaged in sexual activity with the female.

“The case was found proven and to be gross misconduct. PC Willdigg was dismissed without notice.”

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey