Orthios Stack in Holyhead submitted for photo competition

ORTHIOS Stack is a familiar sight to most residents of, and visitors to, Anglesey.

Yet an ongoing photography competition for staff at Orthios Eco Parks has offered a new glimpse at the 400ft chimney.

The chimney was built in the early 1970s and is a relic from when Anglesey Aluminium operated the site, but has been redundant since the aluminium smelting business closed down in 2009.

A landmark feature of Penrhos Beach, the site is now owned by Orthios, a UK company that make innovative use of technology to lessen the environmental impacts of waste and revolutionise waste handling.

With a workforce of 120 people, the company first held a photography competition last year, for which the theme was nature and wildlife, helping to produce stunning pictures depicting the co-existence of nature and industry.

This year’s theme is “This Is Where We Work”, with the picture of the stack from the inside looking skywards taken by Lab Manager Colin Potter.

Mr Potter’s photograph is one of the first entries to come in, and with the competition due to be judged in November, there promises to be more pictorial excellence to follow.

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey