Three people rescued after one became trapped by sinking boat off Anglesey

THREE people and a dog were rescued from a sinking boat by a passerby after one person became trapped under the water in the Menai Strait.

The RNLI said that by the time it arrived at the scene of the incident just after 1.40pm on Saturday, September 5 there was only floating debris that marked the site of the incident to the south of the Britannia Bridge.

The Coastguard Rescue Helicopter and Bangor Rescue Coastguard Team also called to the incident where they searched for survivors.

However the rescuers were informed by other boats in the area that all crew members, three people and a dog, had been saved by a passing speedboat.

An RNLI spokesperson said the crews confirmed the information and that one person who had been trapped under the water was being treated by a paramedic before being taken to hospital.

“The Beaumaris lifeboat Annette Mary Liddington was launched a 1.42pm and made her way towards the incident. In addition to the lifeboat the following had also been tasked,

Coastguard Rescue Helicopter and the Bangor Mobile Rescue Team,” the RNLI spokesperson said.

“By the time the lifeboat and the helicopter arrived it became clear from debris that the boat had sunk in a position south of the Britannia bridge near the training centre Indefatigable.

“Further information obtained by the lifeboat crew from other craft at the scene indicated that the survivors had been rescued by a passing speedboat.

“As it was unknown how many persons had been aboard the sunken vessel the helicopter continued to search the area whilst the lifeboat, went to Menai Bridge to obtain more information.

“It transpired that the rescue vessel had taken three people and a dog ashore and then left the area. The lifeboat crew managed to speak to a survivor who confirmed that all aboard now

accounted for. One of the casualties had been trapped under the water and suffered a shoulder injury but was being attended to by a paramedic prior to transfer to the hospital.”

The Coastguard sent its lifeboat and helicopter to return to their stations at 2.23pm.

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey