Tractor driver stopped on Anglesey for failing to secure huge load

A TRACTOR driver was pulled over on Anglesey for failing to secure his load properly.

The tractor was stopped in Llangefni on Monday, Janauary 16 and issued with a a traffic offence report (TOR) for the insecure load. They were also not displaying a number plate.

NWP Roads Policing Unit posted on Twitter: “There should be more than just gravity holding loads onto vehicles. 

“Just a reminder to all farmers and contractors that loads must be sufficiently secure in case of an emergency stop or other unexpected hazard, and must not cause a danger or nuisance to others by the load falling from the vehicle.

“Risks with heavy bales must not be taken as they can, and do, cause serious injury or worse if they fall on a passing vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian.”


North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey