Ynys Môn MP launches clean campaigning campaign prior to local elections

The MP for Ynys Môn, Virginia Crosbie, has called for an honourable and polite campaigning in the run-up to the May 5 local elections.

Already, Mrs Crosbie has been subject to online abuse and false financial allegations, despite not being up for election herself.

“It takes courage to stand for public office and I laud all those – whatever their political affiliation – for their commitment to represent their community,” she said.

“I appeal to everyone who is involved in these elections – let us celebrate our differences, as it is these very differences that fuel our democracy and let’s campaign honourably and politely, not through threats and false allegations.

“Online abuse is already beginning to cast its unwanted shadow over these elections with anonymous Twitter accounts and individual candidates – particularly women – being subject to abusive and personal posts.

“There must be no place for abuse or intimidation in our democracy and, simply, the electorate of Anglesey deserves better.


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Local elections: The candidates in the running to be Anglesey councillors

Mrs Crosbie has spoken in the past about the abuse she receives as a woman, as a Conservative and as someone who is half-Welsh, and she shrugged off the latest round.

She added: “I really find it difficult to be bothered any more by the tedious vitriol I receive from mostly cowardly anonymous accounts authored by my political opponents.

“Anyone who knows anything about me will know I don’t scare easily and I work incredibly hard to bring jobs and investment to this island.

“That’s all that matters to me – a better future for Anglesey.

“I have to say I take it as a badge of honour that these people target me when I am not even up for election.

“If I am a figurehead for them and their worries that the Conservatives actually achieve things for Anglesey, then I will happily wear it with pride.”

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey