Ynys Môn MS joins debate on new laws to protect rare red squirrels

THE MS for Ynys Môn, Rhun ap Iorwerth, took part in a debate in the Senedd yesterday (December 8) in favour of introducing new laws to protect rare red squirrels from habitat loss and to protect the red squirrel.

The member for Ynys Môn said: “Two-thirds of all Welsh red squirrels are on Anglesey once again.

“But that didn’t happen by accident, and it’s very, very important to bear that in mind, and we should give real thanks for the tireless work of conservationists and volunteers on a local level.

“I welcome the petition and what the petitioners are calling for—over 10,000 of them; 1,700 of them from my own constituency.

“They want to change the licensing system, which would enable us to place conditions before allowing tree felling, such as conditions not to fell during breeding seasons.”

Currently, tree felling can happen even without a survey of how many squirrel nests there are, and people are concerned about sites such as Penrhos in Holyhead, and the fact that there is not enough coverage given to safeguarding that habitat.

Mr ap Iorwerth welcomed that the motion was agreed.

North Wales Chronicle | Anglesey